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Nutrition IS Health

From all the way back in 1983…The role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing disease has been understood. Why have we forgotten this fundamental fact?

So it seems that despite popular and current beliefs, nutrition does matter. In fact this1983 paper in Health Values has some nice quotes. “The foods we eat, and the nutrients they should provide, are the most important continuing environmental factors influencing our growth, development, functional abilities, and health.”(1)

“Nutritional knowledge, with education of both the general public, and particularly health professionals is critical if we are to succeed in significantly reducing the excessive premature morbidity and mortality from our leading killer diseases - heart disease, cancer, and stroke.”

In 1983 we knew it was of paramount importance to educate the public(bottom up) and practitioners(top down) in the science of nutrition to effectively prevent what we now have today. Chronic disease rates that are unsustainable.

Nutrition is vital, not only in the growth and development of humans but also in the prevention and treatment of disease. Nutrition is also fundamental to the maintenance of good health and functionality. How can this still be subject to debate?

The truth is, it is not up for debate. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying or ignorant. This is why the calories in/calories out crowd will never get it because in reducing the complexity of the food matrix to simple calories you are also by default saying that weight gain/loss is all that matters to health. Most people would not consider the second point to be true but then how can calories be all that matter?

I still have clients who have to deal with doctors giving outdated and in most cases flat out incorrect dietary advice that can actually harm patients. We have to do better.

How we structure our lifestyles, with proper nutrition, health habit discipline, and exercise programming, will have a great influence on personal health, and will help reduce our current catastrophic medical care expenditures.

Health is a holistic pursuit…but nutrition is the core of everything. This should empower you!

Come join us on Martha’s Vineyard this Oct 2022 for a master class weekend on the art, science and practical application of being human. Health is the natural state of the human body and this is an opportunity to take a step in that direction. Learn the skills, tips and foundational elements of what makes a healthy life.

We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Krehl WA. The role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing disease. Health Values. 1983;7(2):9-13.

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