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Bacon & Organ Pate

Happy May! If you'd DIDN'T know, May is my birthday month! Shout out to all the Tauruses out there! May is actually one of my favorite months in New England. The flowers start to bloom, we get our first few *can lay outside and soak up the sun* days, and the mosquito's aren't out in full force yet (this is a big one!) haha.

This kind of weather also get's me excited for outdoor gatherings. Social events used to always make me anxious, as I never knew what kinds of food was going to be available, and I hate harassing people to *double check* that there is no gluten, XYZ, in things...

Whenever I go to get togethers now, I offer to bring something. Mostly this is so that I know I have something to eat. Obviously :)

But what's just as exciting is bringing a dish like this Organ Pate, and NOT telling people what's in it until after they have tried (and likely devoured) it.

This is one of the most SIMPLE organ recipes there is, and it's also 100% my favorite.

I get my chicken livers and hearts in BULK from my amazing local farm, Wild Robbin's Farm in Sherborn. They are pasture raised, and as FRESH as fresh can get (literally butchered the day before I picked them up). I do share with the dogs as well, but only after I've taken what I want for myself! Ok, onto the recipe!


  • 2 Slices Uncured Bacon

  • 4 oz. Chicken Livers

  • 2-3 oz. Chicken Hearts

  • 1 Tb. Fresh Thyme

  • 1 Tb. Fresh Rosemary

  • 1/2 Tsp. Redmond's Real Salt

  • Optional: 1 TB. Coconut Oil


  • In a frying pan over medium heat, cook bacon until crispy, remove from pan and chop into small chunks

  • Turn heat down to medium-low. If using coconut oil (I add this in if there is not much bacon fat leftover), add this to the frying pan and let it melt completely before adding organs

  • Add chicken hearts and livers to the frying pan, searing on both sides

  • Sprinkle thyme, rosemary and sea salt over organs while searing

  • Remove organs from heat and add into food processor, process until smooth

  • Let cool 1-2 minutes and then process until smooth

  • Scoop Pate into dish and top with bacon chunks

  • Enjoy with organic veggies, or on it's own!

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